Proud (but hopefully not too irritating) Dad Post on Bailey's Senior Recital

My daughter Bailey was at most, three years old.  We were going somewhere in the car, with her belted into her car seat directly behind my driver's seat.  I don't know what was bothering her, but whatever it was set her off into a typical, toddler-style screaming fit that ruined whatever mood or conversation my wife and I were in at the time.  Bailey had done this before, and each time she did I had the same two thoughts.  The first was a string of expletives on behalf of my throbbing eardrums and quickly waning patience.  The second was, "Wow!  What a focused tone and killer vocal projection."  Yeah- I know, I'm a total music nerd.  But besides her piercing tone, that's what was in my head.  So when people ask me if I'm surprised that Bailey has become such a good singer, I say, "Not really, but I'm sure glad she's channeled her energy into something more productive. 

Last night Bailey gave her Senior Voice Recital at Muhlenburg College in Allentown, where she is a double major in Music and Media Communications.  The program consisted of nine "classical" pieces and finished with three jazz standards.  Classical is in quotes because, excuse my music nerd stuff again, what people generically call classical music actually consists of music from several style periods like Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and so on.  As a parent and fellow musician, it was fun to just sit back and listen to what was really an outstanding performance, both technically and artistically.  It's not easy to deliver a soaring, iconic opera aria from Carmen, and then a few minutes later, swing Pennies From Heaven with soul and richness.  But Bailey made it seem like no big deal. 

As a parent, you put years of time, energy, money and sometimes worry into your kids development, and when they do something special like Bailey did last night, it's very exciting and satisfying.  I'm obviously very proud of her and I don't mind if it seems like I've become one of those parents that gushes over their kids like a broken water main.  If you're interested in hearing it, the recital was live-streamed on my Facebook pages (both personal and music). 

This Wednesday, Bailey Fulginiti Trio (with pianist Dave Winter and I) are playing jazz at The Greenfield Restaurant near Lancaster from 6:30-9:30pm.  Bailey is reprising last night's voice recital at Quarryville Presbyterian Village on Friday night, and we are proud to be performing a set at Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival on March 9 in the Chameleon Lounge.   Contact me for tickets and details.