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Proud (but hopefully not too irritating) Dad Post on Bailey's Senior Recital

My daughter Bailey was at most, three years old.  We were going somewhere in the car, with her belted into her car seat directly behind my driver's seat.  I don't know what was bothering her, but whatever it was set her off into a typical, toddler-style screaming fit that ruined whatever mood or conversation my wife and I were in at the time.  Bailey had done this before, and each time she did I had the same two thoughts.  The first was a string of expletives on behalf of my throbbing eardrums and quickly…

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Lessons From A Funeral

Today I had the honor of playing at the funeral of a great man.  I never met him.  Wasn't aware of his accomplishments.  Didn't know any of his stories.  Not until his service and wake did I know anything about him at all.  But by the end of the day, I was glad to have been part of this man's tribute and also thankful for the reminders his memorial service provided.

Part of what Tom Brokaw deems "The Greatest Generation", this man had overcome living through The Great Depression.  He served heroically with…

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New Website!

Finally, my new website is up and running!  It's not completed or perfect yet, but for the first time in several months, I've been able to do normal things like updating my performance calendar.  Yeah, I know- real exciting.  But in a way, it actually is.  What was the problem?

The problem was that my old site was built on iWeb.  When Apple decided a few years ago to no longer support that program, my website was basically on life support.  If anything went wrong, there was nobody around to help.  Taking the…

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