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Why Did I Play That?

Ego and self-consciousness are tough things to deal with sometimes.

Bear with me through this story and I’ll try to explain.

In Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1, George Weasley suffers a serious wound to the head; specifically…

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September Give Back: Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper

Each month I donate 5% of my earnings from Todd Fulginiti Music to a non-profit group that's doing good things in my local area or elsewhere in the world.  This month, the recipient is the Lower Susqhuehanna Riverkeeper Association. 


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Normalcy Cancelled: What Now?

Cancelled.  Cancelled.  Postponed.  Cancelled.  Last week was like that too.  Tomorrow too.  Next month, who knows?  Welcome to Covid-19. 

Like all my fellow musicians and countless others, my calendar is now basically blank.  It would actually be blank except for…

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The Four Stages Of Teaching

Warning:  this article is jaded and negative with heavy doses of resentment and burnout.  

Further Warning: ignoring it may lead to your own heavy dose of resentment and burnout.  

The "Journey" Begins  

Today, everything is a "journey".  It's irritating.  There…

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Gary Miller- Reflections On A Great Man

Everybody has energy that washes all over us every time we’re around them.  We can’t help it.  Some people bring us up, others bring us down- whether we’re doing it consciously or not.  Gary Miller was one of those people…

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Why I Quit Teaching

It’s 9:30am on a Thursday morning in September.  I’m sitting at home, at my dining room table, writing and giving my dog too many treats.  It feels great but not quite normal.  Normal for me at this time of day…

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My Room, My Ex: A Teacher's Story

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.  The day I say goodbye to my room.  We’ve been together for 25 years.  Even longer if you count the time we spent together before we got serious. 

We were…

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It Sucks To Suck

Young people have a phrase.  “It sucks to suck.”  And it’s true.  It really does suck to suck.  Whether it’s playing music or sports, working your job, or whatever else.  It just doesn’t feel good to not perform well. 


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All The Way To Lancaster For Roots & Blues

All the way to Lancaster? What?! When I first moved to Lititz from Lancaster about 18 years ago I was surprised to hear that phrase over and over again.  All the way to Lancaster? What does that mean? 

People seemed…

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Behaving Badly: Observations From The Bandstand

As humans, we're all born with a few "not-so-adorable" traits that really get on other people’s nerves.  It's ok though.  Hopefully we've all learned to tolerate each other and to get along well for the most part.  But despite our…

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Here Come The Brides, There Goes The Time

Last week I played the longest bridal procession of my career.  About 4 solid minutes with about 50 “brides” coming down the aisle.  It was a Thursday morning “gig” at 7:30am in an elementary school cafeteria.  If this sounds like…

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10 Tips On Living To Be 100 (Inspired By This Guy)

Last weekend I played a ballroom dance gig where a guy was celebrating his 100th birthday.  He zipped across the floor with several different partners all night long, rarely taking a break.  He outlasted most of the other dancers, sticking…

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Lessons From A Funeral

Today I had the honor of playing at the funeral of a great man.  I never met him.  Wasn't aware of his accomplishments.  Didn't know any of his stories.  Not until his service and wake did I know anything about…

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New Website!

Finally, my new website is up and running!  It's not completed or perfect yet, but for the first time in several months, I've been able to do normal things like updating my performance calendar.  Yeah, I know- real exciting.  But…

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