New Website!

Finally, my new website is up and running!  It's not completed or perfect yet, but for the first time in several months, I've been able to do normal things like updating my performance calendar.  Yeah, I know- real exciting.  But in a way, it actually is.  What was the problem?

The problem was that my old site was built on iWeb.  When Apple decided a few years ago to no longer support that program, my website was basically on life support.  If anything went wrong, there was nobody around to help.  Taking the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach, I skated along for quite awhile until one day this past fall, when iWeb was unable to open any of my website files. 

I knew a new site was in order, one with updated features like the blog you're reading now, but I had trouble (obviously) getting to it.  I was lucky this fall to do a lot of traveling while on sabbatical from my other job as a public school music teacher.  When I got home, the crazy, holiday gig season hit, then we went on a January family vacation.  That's where the pic comes from, our recent family vacation to Quebec, where we did some dog sledding. The beautiful blond one is Twixx, the lead dog on our team.   So yeah, I could've given some things up and worked a little harder this month, but I would've missed a lot of cool stuff.  No worries- I'm good now and ready to get back to music.

There's a lot going on this year, and I like to write about things, so check this blog often if you're interested in the details and stories of a working musician, writer and regular guy.