Mom's Corny Pun Sparks New Trilogy Brass Project

My mom has this silver coin with the words “round tuit” engraved on the front.  As a kid, I grew up walking past that coin on our dining room shelf, always wondering what it meant.  At some point, somebody finally filled me in and told me what the coin was for.  It’s an inspirational play on words.  Not a “round tuit”, but “around to it”.   As in “I’ll do that project when I get around to it”.  If somebody gave you that coin, you had no excuse not to do whatever it is you were putting off.  It’s like a totally uncool version of Nike’s “just do it”.  As a natural-born procrastinator, I’ve tried to keep that corny little coin mentally imbedded in my head as motivation. 

After several years of being away from classical chamber music, Trilogy Brass is the latest thing I’ve gotten around to doing.  It’s exciting because I get to work on challenging repertoire with excellent players who are also great people.  We’re just getting things started, but it feels good to get back into the kind of practice and preparation needed to play this type of music. 

You can sample us at: 

I had been interested in chamber music for brass since high school and co-founded the Bravura Brass quintet with Mark Rutter way back around 1990.  I left in 2013, in need of both something new and more time to devote to other projects.  I didn’t really miss the classical music thing very much at first, but got inspired again slowly while listening to my daughter Bailey develop her classical voice chops throughout her college years.  Listening to her technical mastery and emotional delivery, I found myself thinking more and more about the rewards and challenges of that type of music. 

After about 4 years of having no “round tuit”, I finally got it and called Anne Nye (French horn) and Steve Shiffer (trombone).  We got together for a reading session and later a DIY, iPad-filmed demo session and are now available for weddings, church services and concerts.  The hardest part was just getting the project started.  Getting that “round tuit”. 

To stay in touch with Trilogy Brass, head to our website (above) and sign our mailing list.  To keep up with Trilogy Brass and all other adventures of Todd Fulginiti Music, sign the mailing list on this website. 

And whatever projects or tasks you might be putting off, take the advice of mom’s corny coin,  find your “round tuit”, and get it started!

Trilogy Brass demo

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