Maximizing Your "Let It Snow" Donation

Sometimes it's hard to tell how much information to give people.  If you over-explain, you most likely insult people and may even come off as condescending or a "know-it-all".  On the other hand, it's always a bummer when someone says, "Well, I wish somebody would have told me that!". 

So, feeling caught in the middle of the informational spectrum, I've decided to take a chance and talk briefly about the various ways in which a person could be part of our Fulginiti Family Band's current fundraiser and musical release. 

As you may know, we recorded a cover of Let It Snow and are offering it for a donation, which we will give to The Nature Conservancy's "Plant A Billion Trees" campaign.  Our goal is to raise $2000 by the end of the month, and to share the holiday music we enjoyed making together.  Additional info about both the cause and the music can be found here. 

So at the risk of being irritating, here is a list of the most popular ways to contribute, ranked in order from most helpful to least. 

The Best:  Download/Donate at 

At my website, you can download Let It Snow for a donation of your choice.  The song can be put on any device you like.  Or- if you're a Spotify user or music streamer, you can then stream us there.  This is much more helpful than just streaming the music because those streaming services pay artists very little, so we end up with nothing in the offering plate for The Nature Conservancy. 

Also Helpful: Our Facebook Fundraiser Page 

Facebook makes it really easy to donate- just click the button. Here's our fundraiser page. The only downside is that, if you want the music, you can't get it there.  But, you could stream it from your favorite place or go to and download it without making an additional donation. 

Not As Good: iTunes, Amazon, & Streaming Only 

The problem with these sites is that, although you can access the music via download or streaming very easily, we don't make any money (well, maybe a fraction of a penny) from these sales or streams.  No money for us means no donations for The Nature Conservancy.  In our opinion, the best way to utilize these services is to first make a donation either at my website or on our Facebook fundraiser page.  Then, as Hannah Montana used to say, "you've got the best of both worlds". 

If you've read all this, hopefully you're not irritated to the point of not wanting to help.  If so, I apologize!  If not, we would be very grateful for your help in raising funds for The Nature Conservancy, and we hope you'll enjoy our music as a token of our appreciation. 

Happy Holidays! 

Todd Fulginiti for Bailey, Ally and Tom (Fulginiti Family Band)

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