We're Pledging Monthly Donations To The Ocean Cleanup Project

Years ago, my college trumpet professor asked me to make a list of my goals.  He meant trumpet/musical goals, but as I started the list, it expanded from trumpet into the rest of life.  When the list was complete, it included bigger things like travel destinations and owning a beach house (not yet achieved).  It even expanded into really big things that seemed out of my control, like cleaning up the plastic mess in the ocean.

It was around 1990 and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was new.  Thirty plus years later, that giant wad of oceanic waste is roughly the size of Texas.  It's too bad we didn't fix the mess when it was smaller.  Nevertheless, here we are, and my goal of cleaning it up remains.  The good news is that helping is not as "out of reach" as it might seem.

Even though I'm not a scientist or an engineer, I can still help .  My plan of attack is twofold.  First, is to aid the scientists and engineers in their cleanup/preservation work.  Second, is to tighten up my "plastic reduction game", reducing inflow into the oceans and waterways.

To address the science & engineering angle, I've pledged to donate 5% of my monthly profits from Todd Fulginiti Music to a non-profit called The Ocean Cleanup.  It's an ambitious organization from The Netherlands that aims to rid the ocean of plastic by mid-century.  In order to do so on the scale they envision, the group has to create the technology it needs and then scale it to size.  It's tough, but they are making progress.  I chose them over other groups because I like that they are "swinging for the fences" and thinking in big, bold terms.  That takes vision, courage, and money.

With plastic reduction, I'm avoiding the use of plastic products and packaging; and I'm shunning single use plastics like cups, utensils, straws, etc.  It's not very difficult to do once you get started.

More and more companies today are using their work and profits to shape a better world.  I respect and believe in that.  As a nature-lover who's very concerned about climate change, I want to be part of making things better.  This is my attempt.

Every time you hire me or one of my groups, you'll be indirectly contributing to the cleaning up of our oceans.

To learn more about The Ocean Cleanup and how you can help, visit their website or watch this video.

For more of my thoughts on life and sustainable living, visit www.fiveoclockshadow.life

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