Jazz On King: Our New "Mod-Friendly" Jazz Series at Tellus 360

Ask 10 people what jazz is and you may get 10 different answers.  Ask Tellus 360 what jazz is and you may get a description that conjures images of artwork by Shag (Josh Agle), spy movies, mid-century mod culture, Vespas, and the well-dressed, ultra-cool sipping cocktails while listening to bossa nova grooves. 

These images are reflected in Tellus 360's newest jazz offering, called Jazz On King.  The series is produced in partnership with Todd Fulginiti Music, with the vision being to create the vibe described above, and to give visitors a chance to inhabit another era for a few hours. 

Jazz On King happens at Tellus 360 on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of every month from 7-9pm and there is no cover.  The room location fluctuates depending on what's happening at Tellus each night, but the club is blessed with many great gathering spots so space is never a problem. 

Todd Fulginiti Trio, which provides the live jazz each night, has moved away from the often overplayed jazz standards heard regularly at local jazz clubs, and is focused more on music that fits the vibe that Jazz On King is trying to develop.  You'll hear bossa novas, Henry Mancini spy themes, R&B influenced mod culture hits, vintage TV theme songs from mid-last-century, and a healthy serving of groove-based "post-bop" jazz.  You can listen to it, dance to it, drink to it, or just soak in the vibe.  Extra points for the well-dressed, especially mod-style.

See you on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays at Jazz On King!

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