New Original Release: Rise Up, Awaken

Let’s be honest- 2020 sucks and it's mostly our own fault.  The reasons why are obvious.  The good news is that we can fix it if we wake up to our situation and get to work- together.  That’s the idea…

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Almost A Sucker- My Halloween Wedding Scam

The first bad sign was that the wedding was on Halloween.  But on other hand, I thought something like that could turn out to be pretty cool.  I love Halloween! 

It started with an unknown guy texting me, looking for…

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Hammers, Identity & Musicians With No Gigs

Can you still call yourself a musician if you don’t have any gigs? My vocalist daughter wondered this out loud during a recent conversation, in which I informed her that yet another one our gigs together had been cancelled due…

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Normalcy Cancelled: What Now?

Cancelled.  Cancelled.  Postponed.  Cancelled.  Last week was like that too.  Tomorrow too.  Next month, who knows?  Welcome to Covid-19. 

Like all my fellow musicians and countless others, my calendar is now basically blank.  It would actually be blank except for…

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Herbie Hancock Tribute Pairs Two Giant Albums


Maiden Voyage and Head Hunters.  Both giant jazz albums.  Both by Herbie Hancock.  And both are the focus of this month's classic jazz series presented…

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What Chet Baker's Voice Has To Do With Skiing

If there were leaves on the trees right now, 2 of them would have been turned over for me this past week.  And despite the usual bumps and bruises of trying something new, it was a good week of growth…

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Thank You Vinyl Groov! It's Been A Great Ride

I walked into a stranger's garage in the fall of 2011, to rehearse with a band for an upcoming, "once-and-done" gig at the Whitaker Center in nearby Harrisburg.  It was just going to be that one rehearsal and that…

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I've Been Working On The Railroad

Trains have long been associated with Christmas.  And although I'm not a model train collector, I do get plenty of "train time" during the holidays by working as a brass caroler at the Strasburg Railroad.  Each weekend I post similar…

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The Four Stages Of Teaching

Warning:  this article is jaded and negative with heavy doses of resentment and burnout.  

Further Warning: ignoring it may lead to your own heavy dose of resentment and burnout.  

The "Journey" Begins  

Today, everything is a "journey".  It's irritating.  There…

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